Saturday, 20 January 2018

The runner!!???

So, this blog originally was about me overcoming my OA and moving forward and how times have changed....Yes my diet still isn't dialled, yes I'm not working out as often as I like due to a promotion at work and hours increasing. Being a mum of two is full on. 
BUT I never envisaged actually running properly and loving it, in the last six months I have done a 10k race and a 8miler grim. So where to go from here? I want to improve and continue to enjoy running the GRIM pushed me beyond my wildest dreams, but I also want to fall in love with the MtB again so I'm going to get the new steed dirty tomorrow and no weather excuses any more
Plans ? Push myself this year but enjoy the trails and if I can combine the two disciplines that would be awesome 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Was it that long ago???

Omg really ten years ago did my first adventure ride Plymouth to minehead remember how challenging it was off road and looking back how unfit I was. I haven't blogged much this year, life with two kids and night shifts make life very busy. I am really enjoying what little riding I can and we had a lovely few family rides in Devon on our hols.
Racing xc endurance is a pretty unrealistic option at the moment but I have begun to just pick up a map and go anywhere local exploring and it takes me back to this ten years ago. I never saw the challenges in the future that occured so I'm pretty proud of myself and  I am looking forward to my new full suss frame being built up to explore some more new stuff

Friday, 20 January 2017

January challenges...

So a new year promised so much and delivered so little thus far. My 2017 plan now my leg is firing on all cylinders get bike fit again, I have this little niggling hope of Torq 12 in August and bettering myself than previously. My kids however have decided otherwise, unfortunately my sons been pretty ill on and off with his asthma which means extra mummy duties buying into what little bike time I have. So far I've  only ridden twice which is pretty poor really and lost my skills mojo definitely. Did a bit of tunnel last week really struggled for grip, in a quandry at the moment running tubeless tyres suited to spring conditions didn't help. I only have my CX and my rock lobster hardtail and the bamboo has had a terminal event, so kindly the hubby has swapped wheels on the rock lobster just desperate to ride, not so confident on my own which is part of the problem. The question is do I save for a carbon frame or get a new full suss 27.5
I have however been working hard at the gym and have a new Watt bike there so a few cheeky miles on it, the difficulty I have is riding time is often only available after a night shift and the way NHS at the moment you just feel exhausted after a shift. I guess I'm also being strict on trying to get more sleep too something I really have been poor at managing last year, can see gains gym wise as shown but gotta get my Mojo back somehow..l.😬

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Naughty November....

Well I've gone and done it again doh, broke my big toe dropping a toe curling 20 kg omit tidying up after others at the gym! However this has not stopped me started spinning again, able to churn the slow resistance climbing but my sprinting will take a while. I'm trying to continue to rehab my leg up to 100kg leg presses which is awesome

So we planned a date day me and the head troll to a Swinley to get some trail action, I was really enjoying the tank traps etc when on the seagull I had to slow. I could hear a noise and DISASTER my bamboo frame split, to say I was gutted was an understatement had to ride gingerly back with Head troll......looks like it will be on,y a choice of Cx or steel hardtail this winter!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Back in the saddle!

Happy days yes I've done it four months later and off I pootle on a ten mile night ride with Rachy! Riding wise I can happily clip in and although I used my gears lighter than normal I'm happy with that! I'm planning a winter of riding hopefully to get fit again. 
I cannot deny that it has been difficult I still struggle to walk properly with the tibial screw and working on my feet for 12 hours is tough but I'm back and intend to make the most of it. I've been weight training a lot and can see the difference it's phenomenal I have biceps and feel strong upper body wise.
I just now need to focus on strengthening my leg and perhaps to continue doing less cardio than I used to and maybe more riding to lighten the load on my legs. Physio is gong ok I can balance more but I don't realistically think I will be running any more or certainly not short term. Hopefully with it being my birthday soon I have hinted to the hubby I need some new winter gloves to keep me motivated!!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

9 day post op

So.... Nine days in and has gone pretty clockwork really a bit more sore now to be expected with a toddler in reins and crutches, it's been so good to get into the gym when she's at nursery and the eldest at school was still doing hand bike and sit down alpha weights and core, decided to mix it up today as leg feeling sore, varied the hand bike a bit more with interval speed work, then a few stationary stuff one legged squats on the 'jiggling' machine and lots of varied core work sitting down.

To be honest the biggest challenge is managing the little one with crutches and reins, but we will get there, I'm looking forward to my first physio Monday and wound looks good.....Getting my bike fill with Le tour and a bike festival on Sunday with films and displays, weirdly I'm missing work, but there's nothing I can do about that at the moment

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Long and winding road

Rehab begins day 2 post op went really well shocked how good it feels considering it was broken and a screw put in, if anything got to rein myself in as it may be six weeks of crutches, but all my hard work has paid off quads are still there 😀 which made the physio go straight to this do joy brace which is fab. Can move to 30 degrees every so often and hobbling about as much as possible very little pain so it's all good. Off to do sit down bits at the gym tomorrow yay

The Vc